Quotable Quotes: ‘Operationalizing’ Social Media

What’s this? A blog post? Holy Toledo, Batman!

While I have been active in my Twitter, Facebook and select other platforms, it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about or even planned to do more blogging. But, when it comes to family, the still relatively new job and other priorities in life, some things naturally take a back seat.

Still, I’ve missed blogging. I’ve always found it to be more therapeutic than self-promotional. The process of typing and thinking, editing and revising, and more typing is great at crystallizing my thoughts.

In addition, one’s network is great in offering different ways to look at things that also can help crystallize thoughts. For example:

@MikeDriehorst social media is new, sure, but I think it speaks to something else – operationalizing social is VERY hard.
-Chuck Hemann
at about 9:35 p.m ET Oct. 10, 2011 via Twitter
Check out Bettween for a look at the Twitter back and forth with Chuck.

“Doing” social media is easy. The tools are easy. If you’re reading this, you probably have at least one and likely more than one social media profile. But adding “marketing” to social media or getting involved in social media with any business-focused objective puts the “doing” in a whole new category and purpose.

And, the skills and experience needed for that level of business-focused “doing” are what all businesses and organizations interested in “doing” social media should seek. Don’t just look for someone who knows how to use the tools of social media.

Adding the operational perspective by Chuck calls in more than just seeking marketing objectives. It calls in things that we all know are needed but are not always top of mind. Aspects like internal education, processes and team coordination. These are activities I and many others do, and maybe take for granted or downplay their importance because they’re not outward, business-focused. In reality, they are no less important.